Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Family Lawyers

There’s not a viable replacement for activity when you need to develop and assemble your practice. Pondering it, stressing over it, and recording names just takes you up until now. You need to get out on the playing field to score. Here are a couple of tips that could enable you to get vigorously.

It is as significant for a family law firm to put time and cash in setting up a legitimate substance showcasing technique all things considered for some other firm in the corporate area, so we should investigate five key standards of making a substance promoting methodology.

1. Fix with Technical SEO

Specialized SEO is the way toward streamlining a site for web index crawlability and indexability with no specialized barriers. This is an indispensable – however regularly disregarded – step in the entire SEO process. Specialized SEO is more applicable to web indexes than to people. In the event that there are not kidding issues with your site’s specialized SEO, at that point you won’t accomplish your ideal outcomes – regardless of how much work you put into your on-page, off-page, and neighborhood SEO endeavors.

It is necessary to find the right keyword example if you a custody lawyer in Greensboro then your top keywords will be as follows.

Specialized SEO has turned out to be progressively significant throughout the years as clients began to surf the Internet on a large group of gadgets with a bunch of working frameworks and programs. In spite of the fact that you should enhance the substance to draw in the correct guests, you should likewise take care of all the specialized issues that can influence a site’s perceivability in web crawlers – and convenience on different gadgets from a five-year-old PC to a front line cell phone.

2. Strategize Using Content Marketing

One noteworthy part of content marketing that a family law firm ought to never disregard is setting up a legitimate promotion strategy. Content marketing has seen colossal development throughout the years, with the goal that implies firms would longer be able to pass by the maxim of “make content, distribute it on the web, and be fruitful.” They should utilize a huge number of promotion systems, including claimed, earned, and paid media.

You should likewise comprehend that posting on an individual social media record doesn’t qualify as “content promotion.” While natural reach and commitment (the quantity of spectators you can go after free by presenting on your own social media page) on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms exists, the odds of having great group of spectators commitment are poor. Truth be told, contemplates recommend that it tends to be under 10% (i.e., 10% of your supporters really seeing your posts).

That is the reason a decent content marketing strategy should begin joining paid social media (Promoted Tweets, Sponsored Updates, and so forth.) into the content promotion plan. In the present content-driven world, if natural promotional exercises yield no critical outcomes, you should pay to sustain your content to the correct crowds.

3. Advertise on Social Media

At the point when internet advertising started — and even today — law firms developed their practice online predominately through the improvement of a site. Notwithstanding making a phenomenal site, numerous firms started putting resources into pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: paying real web crawlers like Google and Yahoo/Bing each time somebody clicks an advertisement connecting guests to their site.

Numerous law firms that were doing customary advertising couldn’t comprehend why different firms went with just web based advertising. In any case, the cost of PPC advertising used to be moderately economical when contrasted with customary platforms, settling on it a decent decision for beginning up and spending plan crunched firms.

Today, PPC advertising is never again forefront; truth be told, heaps of law firms are doing it. Sometimes, the cost of PPC advertising has ascended to a point where it is similarly as costly as customary advertising. PPC advertising is presently cost-restrictive for some firms: a law firm could spend around $50 for a solitary click in a focused region of the law. As increasingly more law firms pursue the group and get into PPC advertising, the cost will keep on raising – perhaps to a point where it turns out to be amazingly hard for beginning up and spending plan crunched firms to contend. Regardless of whether a firm buys clicks for a restricted period of time or for constrained occasions for the duration of the day, most essentially don’t have the assets to normally and reliably run their PPC notices in focused regions.

4. Create Videos

Beside an in-person meeting, the most convincing approach to exhibit that your firm is an ideal choice for a potential customer is through useful videos including you as well as different attorneys on your site. On the off chance that words generally can’t do a picture justice, at that point a video merits a hundred thousand words.

Well-created videos can significantly expand your odds of being reached by site guests. These videos ought to connect with, instructive, and make an extraordinary early introduction of your firm. Videos additionally give an enduring impression that can be unmistakably more compelling than content or still photographs. Separating from individuals have a great deal of inquiries, and they’re regularly confounded about what to do and what they need. Offering the data they’re looking for so, open videos will speak to them – and conceivably end their quest for the correct lawyer!

What you state, how you state it, and how you present yourself in the videos will enable imminent customers to choose whether or not you’re an ideal choice for them. The correct sort of video will enable you to draw in the correct sort of customers – and help to diminish time spent on ineffective telephone calls and beginning discussions.

Videos can be streamlined for web search tools (Google, Bing, and so on.) with the goal that they appear in list items. They likewise empower you to expand your Internet introduction since you can highlight your videos on YouTube, Facebook, and on different sites notwithstanding your own.

5. Hire Professional SEO Agency

In the event that you can bear to contract marketing experts, do as such. Something else, enlist a youthful understudy – ideally an undergrad considering marketing – to re-empower your marketing endeavors.

The best professional SEO agency.

They can set up your social media destinations and even talk with you to secretly compose your blog, sparing you time and exertion so you can concentrate on vis-à-vis marketing exercises.


Pause for a minute right presently to think about a referral source with whom you haven’t conveyed in some time. At that point take another minute to email (or content) and welcome them to lunch to make up for lost time. In about a couple of minutes, you can connect and start contact with somebody that can bring about future business.

Digital Business Development Explained with 5 Top Marketing Companies

The conventional deals procedure is one in which the business delegate interfaces with a prospect and leads that prospect through a revelation and instruction process that ideally results in the prospect turning into a customer. In the event that this is still what occurs at your organization, you should consider in the event that despite everything it fills in as viably as it once did.

Are Your Customers Shopping Without You?

Today your prospects are shopping without you. They are self-teachers who recognize what they need and how to discover it. They are self-instructed about your products, you’re rivals’ products, and your frame of mind towards business.

We live in a computerized age in which everything without exception can be found online inside seconds. As a result, individuals never again should be offered to, they should be locked in, and after that they may purchase from you. Some ongoing examinations demonstrate that for B2B organizations, 80 percent of the time the purchaser finds the dealer, and it is a lot higher than that for B2C organizations.

Three Technologies That Have Simultaneously Reached Mass Adoption Have Changed Everything

As a computerized business improvement and promoting advisor, I am continually doing examination on the eventual fate of showcasing. I have arrived at a few decisions concerning why and how everything has changed. To begin with, there has been a sensational change in how individuals speak with each other, learn, and carry on. How did this occur, and how could it happen so quick?

The mass selection of three advancements (broadband Internet, portable Internet and online networking) all incident all the while have made an ideal tempest—an uncommon blend of conditions that has perpetually changed the manner in which we purchase, sell and live.

The Internet has been around for what is by all accounts quite a while now, yet it is as of late that individuals have considered broadband To be as an unquestionable requirement have at home just as in the working environment.

Top Marketing Companies

Promoting organizations and shrewd advertisers quickly adjusted to that change and began to move to web based publicizing and the utilization of video. Individuals presently “need” not “need” portable Internet at high speeds. Consolidate these two components with the truth that you are not a player in this world except if you have some sort of internet based life nearness, and you have the ideal tempest.

What is Digital Business Development?

Limited time showcasing today is tied in with impacting individuals before you get the opportunity to connect with them — an idea I allude to as Digital Business Development. On the off chance that you are an advertising proficient, you’re very acquainted with the four Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotion). Advanced Business Development joins a fifth P—PEOPLE. Your kin, yet in addition the individuals who settle on the choices on whether to buy your item.

Advanced Business Development and focused on informing ought to be the key business system for ground breaking organizations. Directed informing enables an organization to shape assessments and inspire conduct. A large number of the Fortune 500 organizations have just created informing systems and actualized them adequately in the market. Yet, they have enormous showcasing spending plans and can bear the cost of the new ranges of abilities required to create and actualize this kind of system.

These organizations are pioneers and early adopters of a comprehensive correspondence system. Some mid-advertise organizations fall into the early adopter class, however it is in no way, shape or form standard yet. This implies little and medium businesses can accomplish critical upper hand by creating and executing a correspondence technique on top of things.

10 Benefits & Effects of a Painting in Your Life

Known for being a pastime that is persisted for hundreds of years as both a vocation and an occupation, original paintings for sale stays to be one of the most respected and agreeable interests today. Painting, be that as it may, is not limited to being only an artistic endeavor, but rather additionally appreciates numerous medical advantages. It’s greatly successful therapeutic and quieting methods, for one, can help increase mental and physical wellbeing. Actually, there are numerous reasons to get a paintbrush and attempt this interest out.

Here are 10 benefits of paintings throughout your life:

1. Enhances concentration

Concentrating regarding the matter you’re painting or concentrating on enhancing the subtleties in what you’ve officially painted forms basic abilities in core interest. Figuring out how to concentrate on the points of interest of a task you’re working on encourages center aptitudes required in the workplace or in education. Indeed, an investigation conducted in 2008 uncovered that medicinal understudies could watch and review more information subsequent to participating in eight sessions that showed artistic work concepts and observation systems.

2. Hone fine motor aptitudes

From expansive foundations to fine subtleties, working on painting enhances hand-eye coordination and lifts motor aptitudes. This is useful in enhancing fine activities, for example, composing and handwriting, yet painting can likewise enhance coordination in more extensive activities, for example, participating in sports.

3. Great approach to unwind

Painting can be therapeutic because it enables the brain to concentrate on the pictures at hand and on nothing else. This concentration toward one focal topic alleviates weight on the brain and thusly loosens up the body. This relaxation limits muscle soreness, joint torment, migraines, and other physical illnesses. It has comparative impacts as meditation.

4. Advances learning of different societies

Painting increases your appreciation for visual art by showing the assortment and troubles of learning methods. Information of famous present day and historical art pieces and random data furnishes you with learning that can be shared, advancing sociability within different societies and degrees of organization. Relating with others will encourage bonding, increasing social abilities and prompting more elevated amounts of joy.

5. Lifts creativity

Whether the painting is theoretical or realistic, minimalist or disorderly, paintings are methods of artistic expression. Conceptual art requires the artist to make fascinating, non-traditional pieces while realistic art requires the artist to think of creative approaches to make the picture become animated. Artists long to be imaginative, to make – or even reproduce – something with a personal touch, another style that uncovers one’s most profound expressions and motivations.

6. Non-verbal communication aptitudes

Painting rouses you to impart your most profound musings and sentiments – even those that you will be unable to express verbally – through your art. They say an image is worth a 1,000 words and conveying what those words might be – whether they reflect current worldwide occasions or personal chance – being ready to impart on a nonverbal dimension can fill in as a sound release of emotion.

7. Critical reasoning aptitudes

Picking which brushes to utilize or which paints to blend to make the correct color you require makes you a more decisive person. Despite the fact that it might appear choosing “just art,” these types of decisions advance critical thinking aptitudes and instruct painters to create inventive systems to approach new situations. Decision-production aptitudes make your mind more effectively and this ability can ease the pressure.

8. Steadiness

Indeed, even the most imaginative ideas have the possibility of being frightfully executed. On the off chance that a painting does not turn out the manner in which you envisioned, you become decide to settle the issues until the point that the piece becomes what you need it to be. This cycle of experimentation can last apparently forever now and again, however can makes a more proficient, more decided person. At the point when looked with disappointment, you receive the notion that with diligent work, you will be sure to enhance, empowering you to further achieve your objectives throughout everyday life.

9. Self-confidence

Similarly as realizing diligent work yields better outcomes, finishing a painting that you are content with feels incredible and gives you a lift in self-regard. Getting positive input from your companions additionally increases the feeling of self-assurance that accompanies making your very own work.

10. Gives you a positive attitude

Making art trains you to be adjusted with esthetic of the visual world around you and influences you to value the beauty in and of life. You gain another appreciation for the surface of a tree’s husk or the hide of a pooch, of the different features and shadows playing on even the more bare of white dividers. Grasping the beauty around you gives you a more positive standpoint of the world and can even decrease the risk of psychological sickness.

Can You Build A Modern Website By Using A Website Template Or Are They Outdated?

For many people who are not professional web designers but would still like to create their own website on a small budget, they will decide to create a website based on a pre-existing template to simplify the process. The problem with many website templates is that the final product will be a website that looks unprofessional and outdated, so in order to build a website that looks modern and professional without spending a fortune on a professional web design company, it can be a good idea to use a content management system.

With the popular internet browsers of today such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, a website template that is strictly based on HTML may not render correctly and may seem like it was built in 1995. But when you build a website around a content management system such as WordPress, all of the templates or themes for this software are based on style sheets which allow for a more modern and professional website. Content management software such as WordPress is available for free and there is also a large database of pre-designed themes that can be installed and customized to suit your needs. When it comes to keeping costs down while still having a professional appearance for your new website, this is the best way to go.

Another problem that occurs with many of the older website templates that are still available is that if you want to make a change that covers every page of your website, you might need to edit each page individually instead of being able to make one change that affects the entire website. This is another reason why themes that are based on style sheets are superior to regular templates because the content is separated out from the graphics and appearance which makes it very easy to change around your entire website very quickly.

There is still a practical use for website templates that are based purely on HTML, and that is for when you need to design a landing page that will be used to build an email list. If you are building a page like this then you will not need to concern yourself with making design changes to your entire website. But if you want to build a regular website that looks modern and professional, the best and most affordable option is to use a popular content management system with a large user base and a collection of different themes, because this makes it very easy to add new content and customize your website’s appearance.

6 Effective Mortgage Tips For Luxury Home Buyers

6 Effective Mortgage Tips For Luxury Home Buyers

The market for an ultra high-end real estate is booming, whereas the market for general homes is plummeting. We know this as we have kept a close eye on various properties especially luxury condos for sale in Madison WI.  Therefore, the luxury home buyers are required to be cautious while investing a fortune in a mansion. You need to be patient as it can be trickier to possess these amazing properties than investing in low budget homes. So, a first time home buyer is required to keep the following points in mind and ask mortgage questions if he/she has any doubt before investing.

You need to prepare yourself mentally as well as financially when you’re planning to buy a luxury home.

Here are a 6 effective mortgage tips for the first time luxury home buyers:

1. Avoid mortgage brokers

When you’re planning to invest a fortune to buy a mansion, make sure you avoid working with a mortgage broker. These shrewd brokers can only work to safeguard their interest. When you’re planning to apply for a mortgage try to get a copy of a good faith estimate to ensure you are getting the loan at a favorable rate.

2. Avoid large down payment:

Most of the luxury home buyers are expected to make a large amount of down payment. If you’re buying a second home, then you’re required to make 30-50% down payment. The financial experts opine that the home buyers should avoid spending all of their cash reserves. Therefore, do not lock all your cash in your luxury home.

3. Shop around

Make sure you do not buy the first home you see, you’re required to be sincere and shop around in order to get the best deal. If you’re patient, then you can get your dream mansion on a favorable offer. You can approach a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS); the certified expert can guide you while buying a luxury home.

4. Calculate your mortgage payment

Before buying a luxurious mansion, make sure you calculate your mortgage payment in accordance with your budget plan. You’re required to consider additional expenses like insurance, landscape maintenance, utilities, housekeeping and so on.

5. Review your credit score

The mortgage lender may check your credit score; therefore you need to have a good credit report. If you have a good mortgage score, then you can get an affordable mortgage quote.

6. Take attorney and tax consultant advice

Make sure you have proper tax and financial planning in order to avoid problems related to real estate while buying a luxury home. Therefore, if you’re investing in a luxury home for the first time, then hire an estate attorney and tax expert for a better financial planning.

Therefore, you can own your dream home without any complications if you keep the above-mentioned points.

by Maria Antoinette a professional Madison Realtor

Luxury Home Purchase Guide For The Affluent

According to the report published by the National Association of Realtors and Professional Madison Realtor, titled Existing Home Sales Report, it has been found that the housing market is in a recovery mode.

One of the most outstanding data provided in the report says that since July 2018, properties worth over $500,000 comprised about 11% of all the confirmed sales and properties worth below $100,000 comprised about 20% of the aggregate sales.

Moreover, the NAR’s report also revealed that there was a 19% jump in sales of properties worth upwards of $1 million during the month of July 2018. We saw this in our Condos for sale in Madison WI. This increment in sales of luxury properties has been attributed to the slumped jumbo mortgage rates that are fueling the demand for more such properties.

Current jumbo mortgage rates

High net-worth individuals can have a look at the current jumbo mortgage rates which have been given below to serve as a reference while shopping for a luxury property:

  • 30-year fixed rate jumbo mortgage loans are available at 4.250%.
  • 15-year fixed rate jumbo mortgage loans now cost 3.125%.
  • 5/1 adjustable mortgage loans are being given at a rate of 2.250%.

The jumbo mortgages listed above have an origination cost of about 0.7-1% charged on them. However, only homebuyers with a steady source of income along with an impressive credit rating are eligible to take advantage of these rates.

Jumbo mortgages – How to get them

The real estate market is positive for buying luxury properties. It forecasts the return of the private mortgage lenders who gave around $38 billion as jumbo mortgages to buyers during the past 2 quarters of 2018. Therefore, people who want to buy high-end properties should follow the below mentioned steps in order to get a jumbo mortgage loan to finance their luxurious purchase:

  1.  Mortgage brokers – These real estate professionals make getting the loan processed a cakewalk for the homebuyers. They widen the scope and reach for jumbo loans because of their influential industry contacts.
  2.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Jumbo mortgages are not bought by the government-approved mortgage organizations like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. As a result, they are comparatively costlier than normal mortgage loans. So, homebuyers can approach a mortgage lender and get as many affordable loans as possible. In order to achieve this objective, homebuyers have to devote their time and energy towards local market survey and obtain multiple mortgage quotes.
  3.  Down payment – The more homebuyers pay as a down payment, the better. This is because even now there are some risk left in the jumbo mortgage market which is compelling the lenders to ask for a minimum of 20% as down payment and if the situation permits they may charge higher. Through this amount, lenders try to minimize the risks directly related to their investments. Therefore, homebuyers should calculate their mortgage affordability by analyzing their financial health through a jumbo mortgage calculator and make down payments accordingly.
  4.  Mortgage application – Homebuyers should check their mortgage application several times before officially submitting them for the lender’s approval. Jumbo mortgage revolves around a highly competitive loan market, so applicants must ensure that they have given all the appropriate information in a proper format, as asked by the lenders. Any errors on the loan application will be revealed by the database applications used by mortgage lenders that will get the application rejected.

Finally, luxury homebuyers should understand the closing costs of jumbo mortgages. Many times, lenders dupe borrowers with the offer of a reduced interest rate but make up the deficiency by including additional costs like processing fees, origination charges, etc.

Guide to Writing Usable Web Content

In my wanderings through the web, for shopping, information or even when getting acquainted with a new client, I’m often amazed at how difficult those websites make my task of finding what I need.

What companies often do not realize when going online is that writing content for the web is different in many aspects than writing content for the off-line media.

The wrong way of writing content for the web is characterized by:

  1. Content rich articles, sometimes monstrosities with more than 1,000 words
  2. Content-rich paragraphs, having multiple sentences
  3. Overly creative headlines, sometimes trying to get clever with the readers

These companies are losing quite a bit of potential customers, hence revenue, by not realizing that writing for the web is a lot different than writing for the off-line media.

How much do users see on the web?

Dr. Jakob Nielsen shows a result of analyzing 45,000 pageviews containing between 30 and 1,250 words.

The following table shows the maximum percentage of text users could read during an average visit to pages with different word counts:

As you may notice the curve approaches 20% very rapidly as the word-count increases.

In a case of a very modest page, containing 250 words, the average user will read less than 40% of the content. This fact alone should raise a red flag for anyone planning to upload an existing magazine article to his website.

The best practice would be to have short and precise pieces of content, having 250-500 words. And, to concentrate your main ideas towards the top of the content.

But wait, it gets better…

What do users see on the web?

In a different study, Dr. Nielsen examines user behavior on a page since first arriving at a site.

After recording users’ eye movements with an infra-red camera, Dr. Nielsen discovered a common pattern in the page reading behavior:

  1. Users first read (scan) across the top two paragraphs of content
  2. Users proceed to quickly scan the first few words of the content

These two parts of the reading pattern create a resemblance to the letter F, which sometimes can be the letter E if the user scans the third paragraph as well, as demonstrated in the following image:

Before Writing Any Web Content

Keeping the above findings in mind, one should always think about the following guidelines when writing content for the web:

  1. Keeping the first part of content and precise, having 250-500 words
  2. Revealing the main idea at the beginning of the content, preferably in the first two paragraphs
  3. Informative, rather than creative, headlines
  4. Main keywords at the beginning of the headline
  5. Using bullets and numbered lists, that are easier to scan, instead of long multi-sentence paragraphs
  6. Keeping the content between 2500 and 4000 words

Research on how users read on the Web and how authors should write their Web pages.

  • A short summary of the original findings: How users read on the Web
  • How little do users read? — users spend 4.4 seconds for every extra 100 words on a page
  • An f-shaped pattern for reading web content, as seen in eye tracking studies
  • Eyetracking of people reading email marketing newsletters
  • Low-literacy users exhibit different behaviors
  • PR and press releases on corporate websites (103 design guidelines based on usability studies of how journalists visit company sites)
  • The writing style for print vs. Web
  • Blah-blah text: Keep, cut, or kill?
  • Email newsletters (165 design guidelines: scannability even more important than for websites)
  • Writing transactional email and confirmation messages
  • Teenagers on the Web: poor reading skills and low patience levels mean that text has to be ultra-concise for teens and that more information must be communicated in images
  • Tagline blues: what’s the site about?
  • Passive voice is redeemed for Web headings
  • World’s Best Headlines: BBC News
  • Use old keywords when writing to be found by search users
  • Show numbers as numerals when writing for online readers
  • Microcontent: writing headlines, page titles, and email subject lines
  • Nano content: the first two words of links and titles
  • Company name first in microcontent? Sometimes!
  • Long vs. short articles as content strategy
  • Kindle Content Design (writing for’s e-book reader)
  • iPad and Kindle Reading Speeds
  • Write inverted pyramids in cyberspace
  • Information pollution
  • American English vs. British English
  • Twitter Postings: Iterative Design
  • Distributing Content Through Social Networks and RSS (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and RSS)
  • Corporate Blogs: Front Page Structure
  • Intranet usability, including guidelines for intranet content, news on intranets, HR manuals, and how to present information about projects, teams, and individuals on intranets
  • A full paper documenting the original research from 1997 (long): Concise, SCANNABLE, and Objective: How to Write for the Web (unfortunately this paper was written for print and not online)
  • Case study: Applying Writing Guidelines to Web Pages improved usability by 159% when rewriting sample pages from a popular website
  • How to write “About Us” pages for a company’s or organization’s website

All about Flagships and Using Hubpages for Web Marketing

Flagships and Using Hubpages

by Milwaukee SEO

There aren’t many places on the web today, where you can place your highly valued, original content and wait for the traffic to come. Most of these content sharing sites are spammy and don’t contain any non-commercial content. Since I’m an SMO freak and really obsessed with finding new ways to promote our content via various web 2.0 and social media channels when I ran into the flagships idea I couldn’t avoid trying it.

What is and what is a Flagship?

Hubpages defines itself as an online content publishing eco-system. The “hubbers” (Hubpages users) use this platform to create “hubs” (their own unique pages), in which they upload content. This is a useful and friendly platform to share the world with your knowledge and expertise. Flagships are actually the top-quality-hubs, which follow a long list of requirements and demands. The main idea of the flagships concept is to create unique and valuable content database. Furthermore, flagship hubs are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, and when built properly, can gain very good rankings, as well as revenue (Hubpages offers incentive based on revenue share with the writers).

How can you leverage Hubpages for Web Marketing purposes?

Hubpages is a great online platform that enables you to create content pages containing videos, images, links, RSS feeds, related tags lists and more. The main advantage of this platform, which is more significant in flagships, is that an excellent and popular content can be promoted independently on search engines, thanks to the friendliness of this platform to search engines.

Suppose you’re a nutrition expert, and you write this great article about the importance of eating in various colors. Creating a flagship in this theme is much better than any article syndication act or even a blog posting. After submitting the nutrition flagship, the Hubpages staff will review your flagship content, and once accepted, they will actively promote the page and you may do the same.

So basically, your high valued content does the work for you! You can reach the top of the search results pages very quickly (suppose they aren’t that competitive) and your target audience will stumble upon your flagship. Since this types of pages are very informative and professional, they have a high tendency to convert later on.

In order to create a flagship, you have to register to the flagships program, choose a unique subject from the subjects’ pool and sign the flagships contract. You can view some finished flagship examples here.

Some Flagships Tips

1 – Write creatively, use unique images, videos and news updates.
Don’t spam or use the flagship as a link farm (in this case, you will also be banned by the flagships program).
2 – Link to other unique and interesting sources that have a real added value to your readers. If your flagship will be a real information source for a high-searched term, you can make great profits.
3 – Let’s not forget the SMO and the full circle SEO strategy! Always create social media links to your new flagship – Facebook it, twitter it and so on… If it’s a niche flagship, don’t hesitate to create links in niche blogs, forums and more. Just be creative about it. Another important thing is that every link to your flagship increases the chance to earn more money.

To conclude, is above all a content sharing platform, which can be used as a web marketing tool, especially when using the flagships with unique and high-quality content. Don’t forget to follow Hubpages requirement and you’ll probably get great results. Of course, there are many other similar content platforms that you can use (such as, etc) but I’ll write about them specifically next time.

Final Verdict,

The problem with Hubpages is that they have recently become very hostile to their platform being used by any marketers of any products. About one month ago, complaints about whoever is auditing Hubpages websites began streaming in. In my own dealing with Hubpages, I have found their service to be offensive and a waste of time.

For example, I’m an author of a book, seems straightforward enough to offer valuable content to people and if they like what I have to say, they can buy my book. Harassment from Hubpages began on day one. First, they shut down my Hubpage because it was too “promotional”. After I dropped all reference to my book and just gave links to my book selling on with keyword tags, they refused to publish the page because the hyperlinks like “internet marketing” were attempting to drive people away from Hubpages to my book on Amazon… Well yeah! Gee, I’m guilty of that one. The final straw was when they would still would not publish my Hubpage because, now get this, I used a quote in my Hubpage. Here’s the funny thing, it was MY quote!

I think Hubpages is involved in their own affiliate marketing and products and if you try and publish a hub that is in competition to their own in-house work, then they basically nit pick you to death until you give up on publishing your Hubpage.

Time is your most valuable asset for time is the stuff life is made of. Life is too precious to be wasting time arguing with the screener at Hubpages. Several years ago, Hubpages was good. Today it is terrible in my opinion. I’ll never go back to Hubpages and I can’t recommend their service to anyone else. Squidoo is much more marketer friendly and I have not had a single problem getting any of my lenses published.

Top 10 Tips For Preparing For Homeownership

Top 10 Tips For Preparing For Homeownership

When someone is moving into their own home for the first time, they may not realize all of the new issues that they will have to deal with that were not a part of their life prior to owning a home.

by Downtown Madison Realtor

Shopping for insurance. Home insurance is one of the first things they will need to deal with, as it will be required prior to closing on the home. As with any insurance, no two policies are alike. Some comparisons should be made between different types of coverage as well as the price. Some insurance policies cover the cost to actually replace a dwelling and the contents, while others only pay a set amount, regardless of the replacement costs of items.

  1. Lawn maintenance. This is usually something that people have not had to deal with if they didn’t own their home previously. If you plan to do your own lawn maintenance, then you will need to purchase a lawn mower and perhaps a weed trimmer. You will also want to have a rake, shovel and watering hose available. If you plan to hire someone else to take care of your lawn maintenance, then you will want to check into the different companies that provide those services in your area.
  2. Utilities. It will be important for a new homeowner to know which companies provide the utilities to their home and contact them to set up their accounts. Trash pickup is one of those utility services that is often overlooked prior to moving in.
  3. Get to know the neighborhood. Taking some walks and drives around the neighborhood can be a good way to familiarize yourself with where things are and who lives where. Take note of where the nearest convenience store is located and where the nearest mailbox drop can be found. Find out who your neighbors are if you can. They can tell you a lot, like where the best parks are and the quickest route to the grocery store.
  4. Winter needs. If you live in an area that gets snow, you will also need to prepare for snow removal from your sidewalks, driveway and possibly your roof. A good strong snow shovel will be your minimum need, but you may want to look into the purchase of a snowblower as well.
  5. Recommendations for repairmen. If you own a home, eventually you will need to call on repairmen to deal with things like a furnace that doesn’t work, plumbing issues or appliance repairs. Rather than looking through the phonebook when that time comes, it is a good idea to get the names of repair services that others have used and would recommend. That way you will have someone reputable to call on when the need arises.
  6. Security. If you were previously living in a secure apartment building, homeownership comes with a different level of security. You are now responsible for how much security you need for your home and how you want to provide that. To start with, you will want to make sure that all your entrance doors lock securely and have deadbolts installed. If you want a further level of security, you may want to check into purchasing a monitored security system.
  7. Tools. Every homeowner needs to have some basic tools around the home for simple repairs. A hammer, pliers, various screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, a utility knife and a measuring tape are a good list to start with. You may also want to add a shop vac and a power drill to the list.
  8. Extra finish items. If this is your very first home of any type, there will be several small items that you may need to purchase before you move out on your own. Shower curtains and window blinds may be needed. A rug or entry mat at the front door would be a good idea. You may need to purchase waste receptacles, a vacuum cleaner, and a broom as well.
  9. Budgeting. Carefully budgeting for the new expenses involved with home ownership is very important. You will want to include fluctuations in your utility bills and funds for miscellaneous repairs and improvements in your budget. There can be many other expenses involved with home ownership than just the mortgage payment, insurance, and taxes.

A little thinking ahead will keep the move into your new home, not only smooth but exciting as well. Your first home, should and can be, a great experience.

If you or someone you know is thinking of buying or selling, contact Maria Antoinette, check out Madison WI condos for sale. We would love the opportunity to share with you how we can…Make Your Move Matter!

Natural Herbs For Muscle Building

Natural Herbs For Muscle Building

Supplements have just added a bonus to your muscle building progress. Out here we are going to mention some natural bodybuilding supplements. Yes, there are some herbs that have the same benefit as manufactured bodybuilding supplements.


If you are a hardcore bodybuilder than you know that muscle cramps are part of the growth process. Sometimes you could also be suffering some inflammation and pain. FeverFew can be said as a natural supplement. It relieves muscle cramps. Feverfew can be taken as a tablet or it can also be taken as a tincture. The recommended dosage is one cup of water every day with one teaspoon of dried FeverFew per cup.

Kola Nut

Kola nut is the same type of stimulant as caffeine. However, kola nut is a much stronger one. The usage of kola nut should be limited to a maximum of 1 gm per day.


Turmeric is a widely popular herb used for centuries in the medical field. In countries like India, it is a part of the normal diet. Turmeric is especially useful for inflammation. You can take up to four hundred milligrams three times each day. Turmeric also alleviates muscle pain and soreness.


Ciwujia is a herb that finds a lot of mention in Chinese herbs. Ciwujia is particularly helpful as it increases oxygenation in heart muscles. This increases the performance during workouts. Another big advantage is that it increases fat metabolism, as opposed to carbohydrate metabolism. The increase could be up to fifty percent. Ciwujia also reduces muscle fatigue.

Garcinia Cambogia

This is another contribution from Indian Medicine. It is a citrus fruit that contains hydrocitric acid, which burns fat, but does not lessen the protein or muscle mass in the body. Extract from this herbs is a common ingredient in various herbal appetite suppressant and energy products.